Fun Facts About Detective Pikachu

With the new trailer showing about this live-action Pokemon movie, it has gotten a lot of people’s attention. With the movie’s premise of crime and mystery with enough slapstick comedy, it’s no wonder why it’s gain popularity. But you must be wondering what is this film and how does it correlate to the game.

The Movie Burrows a Lot from The Game

Like we mentioned, Detective Pikachu is derived from the game with the same name. The characters’ names are the same. There is, however, a minor difference in the plot though they follow the same premise in which Pikachu and Tim set out to find out what happened to Tim’s dad.

Pikachu’s Voice Actor

The voice actor of Detective Pikachu is none other than Ryan Reynolds. The creators of the film wanted to portray Pikachu as more mature. So what better way to show this is to have the actor of Deadpool play as Pikachu. They still had to adhere to a younger audience. So instead of Pikachu smoking cigarettes like hard-boiled detectives, they had him become a coffee addict.

The Director of Detective Pikachu

Rob Letterman is well-known for having directed and written Sharks Tale and Monsters vs. Aliens. With his style of showing adult themes like crime and government conspiracy in a more humorous while at the same time keeping PG, we can’t wait what has he got in store for use in this film.

Easter Eggs

From the trailer alone, viewers can see a lot of Easter eggs like a Jiggly Puff putting a guy to sleep which fans of the anime Pokemon will know what’s coming for him. Another reference fans of the series might notice in the trailer but at Tim’s room, you can see a poster Johto gym. The directors have mentioned that Ash Ketchum won’t be in the film but instead, be focusing on Tim Goodman like the game. Although fans of Pokemon will be seeing with some familiar Pokemon characters from the series on the big screen like Mr. Mime, Charizard, Squirtle, Mew Two, and more.

Ryme City Is Part of The Pokemon Universe

Despite not being ever mentioned in the Anime, it is worth mentioning that if Johto exists in this movie’s universe then it must be connected to the Anime. With this in mind, we might be able to see familiar characters from the anime. It’s a long shot but since it’s in the same Pokemon Universe there’s still a possibility.

A Possibility Of A Sequal

As we mentioned a while ago the film is based on the game, we won’t spoiling anything but all we can say that in the game it’s a cliffhanger. The team who came up with this movie mentioned that Detective Pikachu is in the process of making a sequel. We wonder if the creators of the film followed precisely the plot of the game or did it tweak it a bit. Well, we won’t anything yet until May 2019 which we can’t wait!